STRATEGIC CATALYSTS @ WORK - It is your move make it Strategic !

Our team has significant experience in the delivery of business learning strategies, curriculum design,and development and facilitation.

We would welcome the opportunity to build a learning strategy, custom design a workshop or seminar and coach and or mentor your teams.


What sets us apart is our 3-month on-line assessment and coaching component for participants and participant’s managers. This ensures sustainable results and metrics to measure transference of learning.

We offer the following seminars/workshops as part of our development strategy that models and fosters an appreciation for diversity in learning styles, culture and other differences.


  • Strategy First,Then Results
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Leadership is a Action not a Position-2 Day Workshop
  • Right VS Right –Ethics in the Workplace
  • Train–the-Trainer Workshop- 5 Days
  • Managing Effective and Sustainable Change
  • Managing for Inclusion
  • Project Management
  • Building Team Trust

Ability is what you're capable of doing.
 Motivation determines what you do.
 Attitude determines how well you do it.”
              Lou Holtz